employee Why is drug testing so important?

The staffing industry plays a critical role in the U.S. economy. Staffing gives our economy more flexibility, agility and resiliency. During soft economic times the staffing industry leads the way in job creation, making the on-demand, empowering nature of this industry one of the pillars of our economy.

With this responsibility comes the task of providing those companies seeking employees with the best possible candidates. Because the hiring companies demand and expect clear-thinking unimpaired workers, they require professional staffing companies to conduct drug testing as it is an integral part of maintaining a safe and productive workplace.

Substance abuse and addiction in the workplace has been associated with a number of employee concerns including: health issues, increased accidents due to impairment, loss of inventory due to theft, lost or wasted time, social dysfunction, workplace violence and, in worst case scenarios, premature employee death. As potential employees, candidates must be aware of an organization’s safety culture, the importance of avoiding workplace accidents due to substance abuse and the fact that such accidents financially impact the employer.

These costs come from various areas affected by addiction:
  • Absenteeism and extra sick leave
  • Death and fatalities
  • Employee turnovers and training
  • Injuries and increased accident rates
  • Lost production
  • Property damage
  • Tardiness
  • Theft

Is There Instant Drug Testing Kits That Is Ready To Use?
Instant drug test are very much available these days. Its purpose is to detect the use of prohibited drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, adulterants, drug and alcohol or other synthetic drugs like synthetic marijuana, bath salts, and having the result in an instant.

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