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Five Panel Saliva Drug Test


Product Description

▶ Five Panel Saliva Drug Test
▶ Case of 25

Drugs Tested:

✓  Buy 1-3 cases of 25 for $155.00 case ($6.20 each)
✓  Buy 4-11 cases of 25 for $148.75 case ($5.95 each)
✓  Buy 12-19 cases of 25 for $137.50 case ($5.50 each)
✓  Buy 20-39 cases of 25 for $131.25 case ($5.25 each)
✓  Buy 40+ cases of 25 for $123.75 case ($4.95 each)

This Five Panel Saliva Drug Test is everything that you hoped it would be. This drug test combines the simplicity of collecting human saliva and quick results. After collecting a saliva sample for approximately 3-4 minutes, the mouth swab can be secured into its container for instant results. This saliva drug test takes it a step further with the ability to photocopy your test results. This allows you to quickly print and/or deliver the test results. The oral fluid tests is less invasive than a urine drug test and does not require a private bathroom. This simplifies the process and allows you to observe the testing, making it hard to adulterate the saliva sample.

Please Note: For the most accurate and confirmed analytical results, it is recommended by the professional community to use our trusted Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) as a confirmatory method. As with any drug testing method, please consult professional judgment and consideration for drug of abuse test results.

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