Cleaning Industry / Janitorial

janitorial Of all the industries there are, how much of a threat would you consider those who clean homes or offices?

The fact is members of a janitorial crew are independently hired or part of a company’s maintenance department. Not only are these workers fully entrusted with access to people’s homes and businesses, but they are given right of entry to even the most restricted areas such as master bedrooms where jewelry is kept or offices where confidential company materials are stored. They also have access to closets, stock rooms, garages, personnel locker rooms and the office where employee records and salaries are kept.

Because these workers often gain entry to homes when residents are away or to offices during off business hours, in addition to conducting background screening, pre-employment drug testing is a crucial step for janitorial service providers to protect their clients and customers.

Regardless of the size of the company and the industry it serves, a janitorial service provider can directly be affected by an employee’s substance abuse as it can lead to theft, fraud and other crimes including violence.

In the event that an employee has already been hired prior to testing, the janitorial service provider can implement workplace drug testing or random drug testing at anytime.

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