Industrial Companies

Industrial Companies As America’s backbone since the early 19th Century and the Industrial Revolution, manufacturers have helped shaped today’s global landscape and is one of the most indispensable industries that we rely on.

While industrial and manufacturing facilities are responsible for the products we use on a daily basis, they are not without costs and casualties. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 5,190 fatal occupational injuries in 2016 with manufacturing accounting for 38% of that total. Employees in this industry are subject to a number of risks including operating dangerous or heavy machinery, being exposed to harsh and harmful chemicals, and being subjected to potential slips and falls.

According to a study by the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association, after implementing drug testing programs, about 19% of employers saw an increase in employee productivity, reduced absenteeism, a decrease in employee turnover and a significant drop in worker’s compensation claims.

A survey of workers aged 18 or older revealed that more than half of them regularly abused drug or alcohol regardless of the type of manufacturing facility they worked in.

Pre-employment, regular and random drug testing for manufacturing workers is an effective method for reducing the number of impaired workers in factories, as well as increasing productivity, work quality, company morale, job safety and company profitability.

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