Construction Companies

construction Because the Construction trade is a safety-sensitive, high-risk industry, drug and substance abuse among its workers can be crippling. Unfortunately, the industry is filled with troubled workers as it has the highest rate of drug and substance usage, second only to the food services and hospitality industry.

Because of the high number of accidents in the construction industry, it is essential for management to put into effect programs and procedures that will increase both construction safety and worker efficiency. Even if drug abuse among construction workers does not result in accidents, the industry itself understands that it can damage morale, productivity and quality. As a matter of fact 71% of union members favor drug testing.

According to Aon Insurance, 40% of construction fatalities are caused by workers who suffered from substance abuse. This is why drug testing is an effective way of reducing the number of impaired construction workers on a project site; it increases overall productivity, quality, morale, project safety and profitability.

When are the best times to implement Drug Testing?
  • Blanket Testing (At the Start of a Project)
  • Follow-Ups
  • Post-Accident
  • Pre-Employment
  • Random
  • Reasonable Cause

Is There Instant Drug Testing Kits That Is Ready To Use?
Instant drug test are very much available these days. Its purpose is to detect the use of prohibited drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, adulterants, drug and alcohol or other synthetic drugs like synthetic marijuana, bath salts, and having the result in an instant.

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