Agricultural and Farming

farming Does the agricultural and farming sector need to provide Drug Testing for its workers?


Food safety is vital to each of us, which is why drug testing, in addition to extensive background screening, is crucial for those who work in the agricultural and farming sector.

Pre-employment, regular and random drug testing is imperative for the laborers of this industry. As we are aware, illicit drug use can impair an individual’s ability to perform, concentrate and make decisions as well as affect their workplace attitude and in some cases, their personality.

Farming and other agricultural jobs are not easy. They require a lot of working hours, strong concentration and for many, heavy equipment operation. Some workers care for animals and they need a sound mind in order to function properly. Those who use drugs always encounter workplace accidents as their focus is divided.

Whether it’s operating heavy equipment, machinery or a vehicle, packaging or delivering products, handling pest control, or one of a hundred other tasks in the agricultural and farming sector, each job requires the full concentration and alertness of the worker, as attention to detail is crucial to the safety of the food supply chain.

Wise farm owners make pre-employment drug testing and instant periodic drug testing mandatory in order to increase the safety and maximize their farm’s productivity.

Is There Instant Drug Testing Kits That Is Ready To Use?
Instant drug test are very much available these days. Its purpose is to detect the use of prohibited drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, adulterants, drug and alcohol or other synthetic drugs like synthetic marijuana, bath salts, and having the result in an instant.

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